App Design Interaction & Animation

It’s already been too long since I last blogged, I must make an effort to blog weekly!

Today is a short post about a project I’ve been working on this week. I spent some time working on a few concepts for an app for the Natural History Museum. The main purpose of the app being to showcase the museum’s exhibits, and to ‘bring them to life’.

I used this opportunity to experiment with some interaction design — and tried to have fun with some screen transitions and animation.

After some initial UX work, producing a user flow for the app, I produced some flats for the key screens — and then proceeded to mock them up in After Effects to demonstrate how the user would interact with the app, and show the impact some simple transitions can have on the overall experience.



A fun little project, you can check it out in more detail on dribbble, Behance and on my website here: Natural History Museum.

Freelance Design Availability

Having recently completing the redesign and launch of my new website (all feedback encouraged) — I am in the position to be taking on projects and freelance design work. I’d love to work closely with clients on improving their online presence, and user experience with some web design work, as well as opportunities to develop identities and branding. Be this working directly with clients on design projects, or within a team for a design agency.

If you are looking for a designer to help with your company or brand, or know someone that is — please send them my way, for a chance to sit down and discuss opportunities!