Hurry up Spotify!

Both the desktop and iPhone versions of the Spotify app got given a much needed facelift and general update back in April in line with iOS7. More aesthetically pleasing, a sleeker, darker interface — yes it could be a lot better, but it satisfied many a user. They also introduced a few new features, that split opinions, such as removing the ‘star’ feature, and introducing a ‘like’ style feature that seems kind of pointless in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m writing this post out of dire frustration and impatience. Spotify, where is the iPad update?! It’s 5 months later and I still see no sign of it? I’m so fed up of the ugly aesthetics of the current version, and the terribly user UNfriendly interface.

I’m waiting to install my iPad mini into the dashboard of my Golf, but it’s main use is for music — i.e Spotify and it’s darker interface. If Rdio allowed customisation of their UI, I’d be switching around this time.

More on the dash installation when Spotify pull their finger out. Hurry up Spotify.

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